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Scraped Earth

After delving into the world of ceramic production, I found that the potential of the material was somewhat constrained by size limitations. Determined to push these boundaries, I devised a method to increase production size, thereby expanding the material's possibilities. While doing so, I aimed for a stronger physical connection between the ceramics and the body, offering users a tactile experience.


This resulted in five ceramic stoneware stools, in five textures and with five clay types, created using the my own production method and tools. By reversing the typical slip casting technique—scraping clay over an inside mold instead of pouring it onto an outside mold. This departure from conventional methods, along with the invention of new tools and processes, opened up a whole new realm of possibilities.


The textures left by my tools on the clay emphasise the energy put into the making process, , showing a less anonymous approach to reproduction. 

Pictures by Pierre Castignola

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