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Scraped earth

After researching how ceramics are produced, Rino Claessens concluded that the applications were limited to a certain size. He devised a way to increase the size of production and by that expand the limits of the material.  His designs aim for a more physical connection with the body, offering a tactile experience of ceramics. 


This resulted in five ceramic stoneware stools, in five textures and with five clay types, created using the designer’s own production method and tools. By reversing the usual technique of slip casting around and scraping clay over an inside mould instead of pouring onto an outside mould. Avoiding conventional techniques and inventing new tools, techniques and processes, Rino discovered a new world of possibilities. The texture that the tools leave in the clay emphasises the energy put into the making process, showing a less anonymous approach to reproduction. 

Photo's by Pierre Castignola

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